Platform Overview



Slack is a workplace messaging tool through which you can send messages and files.

Slack is an all-purpose communication platform and collaboration hub. It includes instant messaging, voice and video calls, and a suite of tools to help groups share information and work together. Slack has standalone applications for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS, and it also operates in web browsers.

Slack is more than a simple chat client. Its array of collaboration and teamwork tools set Slack apart as a powerful communication tool.

For more advanced Slack functionality, workspace administrators can integrate other apps, including Google Drive and Dropbox, to streamline filesharing. Use a variety of bots to handle other tasks, such as pulling in data from external tools or creating quick surveys. While these app integrations aren't a core part of Slack, they make the platform more versatile than other apps dedicated solely to communication.

Pros for developers building on Slack

  • Large developers community & resources
  • An app directory for easy discovery and traffic

Cons for developers building on Slack

  • A bit crowded with thousands of apps already existing