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Statamic CMS Development

Our developers provide a full range of Statamic CMS development services including platform development, API design, rapid prototyping, and integration.

Statamic CMS Development

Statamic is a flat file based Content Management System which is build on Laravel (the most modern, powerful and secure PHP framework) and having Vue.js-powered control panel. It stores all the contents and configurations in text files, markdown files and YAML files with advantage of version controlled for everything. Statamic is having intuitive templating language for publishing the CMS driven contents and data.

Out of the box, Statamic provides a framework for rapid data and data modeling, an powerful and flexible templating system (Antlers) and many open-source add-ons that provide nearly everything you’d expect in a enterprise-grade CMS.

Why Statamic CMS

  • Statamic is very easy to develop Statamic Themes, develop flawless functionality on your existing Statamic website, any blog post or product catalogs.
  • Statamic is compatible with various add-ons that make this CMS platform to become reusable
  • Statamic is cost effective and it is a commercial CMS comes with premium add-ons.
  • It is a flat-file CMS. Therefore, you do not have to deal with a database while working on this.
  • Comes with a clean, responsive and attractive control panel that makes content management like breeze.
  • Having an awesome documentation to make developer’s life easy with this CMS tool.

What we can help you with

  • Statamic CMS design and development
  • Microservices development and cross-platform content integration
  • Scalable, managed Statamic hosting and devops
  • API design, development, testing and integration
  • Gated & SaaS based content platform development
  • Upgrades, migrations code reviews and infrastructure audits

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