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Transcy: AI Language Translate app for Shopify by

Transcy: AI Language Translate

Transcy: AI Language Translate


Transcy is an AI language translate app designed for Shopify users. It allows merchants to translate their online stores into multiple languages and offers real-time currency conversion, enabling them to expand their business globally. Transcy offers unlimited word translations and seamless integration with Shopify markets.

Key features of Transcy include:

  • Auto Language Translate & Multi Currency Converter: Transcy uses real-time exchange rates to automatically translate the store into the customer's preferred language and convert the currency.
  • Unlimited Words: Transcy offers unlimited word translations, allowing merchants to translate their entire store into local languages with AI-powered translation.
  • Translate Images: The app allows images to be translated into customers' preferred languages, creating a greater connection with them.
  • Manual, AI, or Expert Translation: Merchants can choose to translate their store manually, use AI translation, or seek expert translation services.
  • Customizable Language & Currency Switcher: Transcy provides a language and currency switcher with an auto-detect system based on geolocation, allowing customers to shop comfortably in their preferred language and currency.

Transcy offers multiple pricing options:

  • Free Plan: The free plan includes unlimited words for advance AI translation and additional expert services on demand.

  • Basic: Priced at $11.90/month or $114/year (20% savings), this plan includes all features of the free plan and allows unlimited advance AI translations, two languages, 167 currencies, and the ability to edit translations for one language.

  • Growth: Priced at $29.90/month or $287/year (20% savings), this plan includes all features of the basic plan and offers 111 languages, the ability to edit translations for five languages, a glossary, basic auto-update translation and image replacement, and language redirection.

  • Premium: Priced at $59.90/month or $575/year (20% savings), this plan includes all features of the growth plan and provides a priority server, the ability to edit translations for 20 languages, advanced auto-update translation and image replacement, and a customer success manager.

Transcy has received positive reviews from merchants who appreciate its accurate translations, user-friendly interface, and ability to reach a wider audience by translating their stores into multiple languages. The customer service is praised for its promptness and expertise. The integration with Shopify is seen as a significant advantage. Pricing is billed in USD on a recurring basis.

Overall, Transcy is recommended for Shopify merchants looking to expand their business globally and cater to customers in different languages and currencies.

Price: Free plan available

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