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Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard

Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI app for Shopify by FaqKing

Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI

Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI

By FaqKing

Organize your product content with tabs and sections to elevate customer experience and increase sales. Save time by creating templates for shared content like size guides and warranty details. Generade product descriptions with AI. Don't miss out on the chance to boost conversions and enhance your customer's shopping journey. Our app supports theme extensions and our loaded script has low to zero impact on your store speed so you can enjoy SEO adapted product tabs!


  • Tab and Section Organization: Enables merchants to organize product content using tabs and sections, improving customer experience and potentially increasing sales.
  • Shared Tabs: Allows users to share content across multiple products, saving time and ensuring consistency for shared information like size guides and warranty details.
  • AI-generated SEO Product Descriptions: Utilizes an AI (ChatGPT) toolset to create SEO optimized product descriptions, assisting merchants in attracting organic traffic.
  • Design Flexibility: Offers design templates for quick and easy implementation, or allows users to create a unique style that complements their store's branding.
  • Vertical Accordion and Horizontal Tabs: Provides options for presenting content using either a vertical accordion or horizontal tabs, enhancing the visual appeal and customization.
  • SEO and Accessibility Compliance: Ensures that the tabs and accordion feature complies with SEO best practices and accessibility standards, making the content user-friendly and search-engine-friendly.
Price: Free

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