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Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard

AI Powered Shopping Assistant app for Shopify by Retentia

AI Powered Shopping Assistant

AI Powered Shopping Assistant

By Retentia

The "AI Powered Shopping Assistant" is a Shopify app developed by Retentia. This app assists merchants in revolutionizing their customer service and boosting sales by providing a 24/7 AI-powered shopping assistant. It offers personalized product suggestions, immediate responses to queries, and a fully automated sales journey. The app allows customization of the assistant's appearance and sales style and provides access to sales details and data for strategic adjustments. It also supports human intervention through WhatsApp integration, enhancing customer service. The app offers a free plan with additional paid plans for increased usage.


  • AI-Powered Shopping Assistant: Provides a round-the-clock shopping assistant to guide customers and offer personalized product suggestions.
  • Customization Options: Allows merchants to customize the appearance and sales style of the AI assistant.
  • Fully Automated Sales Journey: Offers a complete automated sales journey from customer entry to exit, reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Access to Sales Details and Data: Provides access to sales details and data, enabling merchants to make strategic decisions based on insights.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Allows human intervention through WhatsApp, providing a friendlier and more interactive customer service experience.


The app offers the following pricing plans:

    1. Free Plan: Includes 50 sessions of AI serving customers per month and basic customization options.
    1. Basic Plan: Priced at $49/month, includes 500 sessions of AI serving customers per month, intermediate sales ability level, embedded buttons on the store, and basic customer support.
    1. Pro Plan: Priced at $199/month, includes 2,500 sessions of AI serving customers per month, senior sales ability level, removing Retentia brand, priority customer support.

Do note that all charges are billed in USD, and recurring and usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.

Price: Free to install

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