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Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells app for Shopify by Ninety9

Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells

Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells

By Ninety9

Addly is an app specifically designed for Shopify users to boost their average order value (AOV) through pre-purchase upsells, discounted bundles, and cross-sells. The app utilizes AI and data based on the order history of the previous three months to generate highly accurate upsell and bundle offers. It offers two modes: AI & Manual Combined or Manual Upsells, allowing users to have flexibility in creating their own upsell offers.

Key features of Addly include:

  • AI-Driven Upsells: Addly's AI feature eliminates the need for manual upsell creation for each product. It automatically generates upsell offers based on the data it collects.
  • Accurate and Data-Driven Offers: The app generates upsell and bundle offers that are highly accurate and data-driven, increasing the chances of customer conversion.
  • Frequently Bought Together or Upsell Slider: Addly allows users to create discounted bundles for products that are frequently bought together or display a visually appealing upsell slider.
  • Manual Upsells: Users have the option to manually target specific products or collections and select the placement of their upsell offers.
  • Analytics: Addly provides accurate analytics that show the performance of offers, allowing users to identify the best-performing offers and make data-driven decisions.

Addly has received positive reviews from users, highlighting its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. The app is praised for its intuitive design and efficient utilization of its features. Users have also reported increased customer retention and boosted sales after integrating the Frequently Bought Together widget into their online shops.

Addly is developed by Ninety9, a reputable developer known for building apps specifically for the Shopify App Store. They offer support via email and provide resources such as a privacy policy. The app is available for free, with no pricing details provided.

Overall, Addly is recommended for Shopify users who want to enhance their upselling and cross-selling strategies and increase their average order value.

Price: Free

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